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Lisa Harris & Mike Molesworth #SocMedHE15

Published on Dec 13, 2015

Presentation to Social Media in Higher Education Conference #SocMedHE15

Sheffield Hallam University, 18th December 2015.


Lisa Harris & Mike Molesworth #SocMedHE15

Social media to engage students & MOOC learners
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Our rationale

  • "Eat the dogfood" - students use MOOC to source latest information, build networks, showcase their work
  • MOOC features students as Educators and Facilitators
  • Students put key principles of Digital Marketing into practice
  • Link research and education
  • Encourage others to try new ideas
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Getting involved



Only 12% of the FT group had any prior knowledge/experience of MOOCs
15% initially disliked the idea, but came to like the MOOC by the end
15% were neutral before/after studying the MOOC
62% liked the MOOC from the start
8% disliked the MOOC throughout


  • flexibility of timing
  • mobile access
  • repetition aids understanding for international students
  • global participation
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  • MOOC came too early in their programme
  • Some resented it as a "free" course
  • FL platform made discussions difficult to progress
  • Hard to stay motivated without discipline of classes
  • "too many channels"

Next time

  • Provide pre-MOOC digital literacy classes
  • use video Q&A more strategically to encourage student/learner interaction in class and on MOOC
  • Padlet for sharing experiences currently being trialled on Web Science MOOC
  • We will ask students for further reflection on its value at the end of their course