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Level 2

Published on Jan 24, 2016

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Adam Burt

Stuff i do

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Level 2

A beginners guide
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AKA, Gaining Skills

Four men in hats

Shown above are four men buried up to their necks in the ground. They cannot move, so they can only look forward. Between A and B is a brick wall which cannot be seen through.
They all know that between them they are wearing four hats--two black and two white--but they do not know what color they are wearing. Each of them know where the other three men are buried.
In order to avoid being shot, one of them must call out to the executioner the color of their hat. If they get it wrong, everyone will be shot. They are not allowed to talk to each other and have 10 minutes to fathom it out.
After one minute, one of them calls out.
Question: Which one of them calls out? Why is he 100% certain of the color of his hat?
This is not a trick question. There are no outside influences nor other ways of communicating. They cannot move and are buried in a straight line; A & B can only see their respective sides of the wall, C can see B, and D can see B & C.

every error is an opportunity to learn, almost always about yourself

treat it as a mystery which will be interesting to crack. And cracking that mystery should be done systematically, by expressing our assumptions (to ourselves, or to others) and then testing our assumptions, one-by-one if need be

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AKa... Pitfalls
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the good times

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more than you can chew

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Always right

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Defeating enemies

Aka, defeating projects

Jump on them

Fire power

AKA, getting fired up

Find your passion

the Flagpole Jump

Aka, Finish Strong
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Commit to it

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your degree is worthless.

but your time at university isn't

it's not over

level 2

Aka, the industry

Same mission, new surroundings

use your fire

Aka, follow your passion

personal projects


AKa, find your own way

uncover new ideas

breaking blocks

Aka, knocking down doors

make yourself heard

Collecting coins

Aka, Getting Paid

you are worth it

using lifts

Aka, helping hands



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still not over

it never ends

game over

This is the bit where you talk to me


Mario maker course

Thanks, bye