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Lesbian love

Published on Feb 15, 2024

It felt like hours, I slipped at least five times. Luckily, I managed to not fall. I guess wearing high heels in the winter is never a great idea. I was coming from work, and as always, I was under dressed.

Finally! I got to the bar, shoved the bar door wide open (trying not to bring a foot of snow in behind me), and almost threw it off its hinges. It was awhile since I had been to Jack’s Bar. Nobody really knew the bars name. It just had ‘Bar’ written on it in big red letters. We called it ‘Jacks Bar’ for two reasons; Jack was the owner, and people who went there had ‘Jack’. 

I sat down at the back of the bar, and made myself comfortable. I was a little bit nervous because I had not seen Jesse in well over five years. We went to high school together, and grew up in the same neighborhood. After high school, Jesse moved to California to pursue her career in design, and I stayed in Montreal to pursue my studies in psychology. She started a small clothing company, and I started working for a local school board as a psychologist.

I got tired of waiting for Jesse so I decided to drink alone for awhile. It helped me warm up. After a few drinks I saw a familiar face walk into the bar. But something was a little bit different. She wasn’t the Jesse I used to know. She looked really different. She wore high leather boots, a black miniskirt, and small hooded parka. She had died her hair black, and her eyebrows looked pretty dark. She was hot, and suddenly my lesbian side kicked in. 

"Sabrina!" she yelled at me, I jumped up and gave her the biggest girly hug ever. I felt her breast pressed against mine through her jackets, and some very dirty ideas quickly crossed my mind. 

The night was a fun mix of alcohol and catching up. Jesse told me how she loved it so much in California, and had discovered her ‘punk rocker’ side. She designed clothing for different local bands, and worked with all these cool rocker types. She also said she occasionally dated girls, and loved the experience. I was very curious, and pictured my hot punk rocker friend making love to a shy timid nerd type like me. I had never been with a girl, but was always curious. 

She mentioned tattoos and piercings, but I didn’t dare ask where on her body those were. As the night started turning to morning, Jesse asked me if I wanted to stay at her hotel with her just a few blocks away. I hesitated, but the weather was terrible, and it would be an hour to get home. It was Friday night so I figured I’ll see where the night goes. In the end I decided I would spend the night with her.

As she put on her jacket on to leave the bar, she caught me staring and her ass, I quickly tried to look away, but she turned to me and smiled. It was hard not to notice her beautiful ass with that really short skirt she was wearing. On the way to the hotel she held my hand, I tried to pull away but she wouldn’t let go. During the walk she grabbed my ass a few times as a joke, and we both laughed. Honestly, it felt amazing getting attention from such a hot girl. I was feeling down lately, and needed to get noticed.

I tried not to make too much eye contact with Jesse on the elevator, luckily on the second floor a young couple got on, so it was distracting enough for both of us. "My floor" she whispered. We got off on the 8th floor and headed to her room. I felt so nervous even though I knew her well. 

She fumbled to get the door open, and dropped her key a few times. We were still pretty drunk and kept laughing about how she couldn’t figure out how to open the door. As soon as we got into the room, she grabbed me by the arm and shoved me against the wall. She pushed her body against mine. This time I didn’t pull back I wanted this so bad. 

She tasted like the cranberry juice we just drank, but with a lot of extra tongue. She was an amazing kisser. Sloppy and wet, but she felt really good. Her hand felt so good caressing the side of my face. I felt her hand slide up my leg towards my cotton lace panties. I moaned so loud I was worried the people next door heard us. Wow, she really just gets to the point I thought to myself.

"Want to see my piercings?" "Sure" was my very immediate response. She threw her hooded jacket onto the floor. "Unbutton me!" she said, while kissing me. I unbuttoned her shirt very quickly, and popped off her black bra with my other hand. Her breasts were perfect, C cups with piercings on both nipples.

"Bite me!" I cupped her breast and bit her nipple, she moaned so much it was making me wet. While I did this, she gently slid her fingers into my panties. She was impressed because I was already soaking wet. "Clean up on aisle three", she whispered in my ear. She turned me around so my back was facing her; she kissed the back of my neck while sliding her fingers in and out of my dripping wet pussy. She yanked my hair and took off my jacket. "I want you so bad!" She whispered in my ear, and she tore of my shirt revealing my d cup breast. She took off my bra and squeezed my breast while playing with my nipples. I glanced at the hotel room mirror but was distracted because someone starting rubbing my clit while pressing her gorgeous breast against my back. I loved it so much. Being able to watch a sexy punk type make sweet love to me on a cold winter night.

"Want to see my other piercing?" she whispered in my ear. I nodded my head, I could barely talk because I was moaning so hard with her fingers sliding in and out of my tight vagina (I hadn’t had sex in over a year). She walked over to the bed and pulled her skirt up, she wasn’t even wearing panties! Poor girl must have been freezing. "Take a look" she spread her legs out and I could a see a nice little piercing sticking out of her clit. "Are you hungry?" I got the message pretty quickly. I had no idea want to do, but by the way she was shoving my head into her snatch and moaning, I was sure she was enjoying herself. I licked her pussy back and forth, and grabbed her breast and the same time. I was squatting on the ground completely naked at the side of the bed worshiping her beautiful pussy. I felt her whole body quivering. "Get on the bed!" she ordered. She kissed me more passionately as we fingered each other side by side. Somehow, my shirt buttons had flown off across the room.

"Get on all fours!" I got in doggy-style position on the bed. I felt Jesse's tongue gently lick my asshole. I was a little self conscious, I had not shaved in a while and my pussy was on the hairy side. "I love hairy girls" I wasn’t paying much attention to what Jesse was saying because I was distracted by her finger sliding in and out of my ass. It felt amazing, one finger sliding in and out of my ass and one rubbing my clit. I was sure it couldn’t get any better. "Lie on your back" I readily complied. She lay right on top of me my hairy pussy between her legs, and her clean shaven snatch between mine. I grabbed her ass tightly as she moved back and forth rubbing her pussy on my leg, and my pussy on hers. Whatever this was, it was working. We both started shaking. We knew what this was.

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