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Learning 2.013

Published on Nov 19, 2015

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Learning 2.013

My journey into overload. Dianne McKenzie

UWSEA Library

Katie has incorporated some great ideas

School wide book recycling programme

It is very clear how donations will be dealt with

Large Identifying labels

So the books do not come back to haunt you...

Large bookshelf outside

For easy & open access to the donated books

A variety of furniture

And spaces to encompass all needs

Integration across curriculum

With large posters, organisation & QR codes

Cute displays everywhere

Impulse reading ...

Large In shelf markers

It makes everything clear & easy to find.

Other learning

From conference workshops & conversations
Photo by eriwst

Harkness table

The power of large table conversations
Photo by Plu_Plu


Is a multifaceted force for everyone


Is an amazingly huge app that has endless possibilities


Rules, stories, ideas to use everyday
Photo by kennymatic

iMovie for iPhone

Just WOW!!!
Photo by Wesley Fryer

Haiku Deck


Digital badges

A concept for thinking, experimenting & developing.
Photo by laihiu


Powerful visible transformations
Photo by londoncyclist

Digital asset management

A new term & systems to learn

Explosions of learning

From each other, from twitter, from the presenters
Photo by Verpletterend

What's Next?

Pondering, Processing & Applying
Photo by rolfekolbe

Conference Essentials

Thank you

To all those who helped my brain explode


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