Published on Nov 26, 2015

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with Ms. Chufo
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Name Tags

  • Put your full name in the center.
  • Upper left hand corner - Your birthday.
  • Upper right hand corner - Your favorite song right now.
  • Lower left hand corner - Favorite food.
  • Lower right hand corner - a Guilty pleasure.

The rules:

  • You must wear this name tag every day this week.
  • You should look stylish with your name tag.
  • Remember everyone's name because you are that awesome.
  • Be on time and have a great attitude.
  • Did I mention the attitude rule?
  • Attitude rules in this class.
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Who is your teacher?

  • Why I love PTMS
  • My history in teaching.
  • Passion for business, entrepreneurship, culture, and travel
  • My promise to you: we will make mistakes but we will share many successes and laughs along the way.
  • We are in the business of making great memories

The Mingle

Follow directions.
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How to Make a Movement

Baby steps. . .

What is your lollipop moment?

Let's do this.


Go online and review the syllabus then fill out the online contract with your parents. 
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Go out and meet new friends.

Hand out a Lollipop to a new friend