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L&D Connect Unconference - 3rd OCt 2014

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Information for participants in the L&D Connect Unconference 3rd October 2014, Glasgow



City of Glasgow College, Friday 3rd October 2014
Photo by xavi talleda

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Theme: Creative and Daring Learning for Organisations


  • Up to 70 people
  • Emphasis on informal, interactive participative day
  • Learner-led outcomes
  • Light Structure/ Facilitation
  • Social Media as a means to connect and share

We create rooms for people to explore

Photo by Daniele Zedda


  • Welcome All
  • First Session (Pick a room to participate in)
  • Coffee
  • Second Session (Pick 2nd room to participate in)
  • Lunch
Photo by John-Morgan


  • Third Session (pick a 3rd room to participate in)
  • Coffee
  • Fourth Session (You're getting the gist)
  • Close all
  • Post Unconference Brainstorm (P.U.B)
Photo by John-Morgan

There will be rooms for You to PARTICIPATE and Learn in

  • The Drawing Room (Graphic Facilitation)
  • The Hub (Social Media room)
  • Themed room 3 to be established on the day
  • Themed room 4 to be established on the day
  • (bring your topics, fill the room)
Photo by @Doug88888

We keep the day learner-led

Photo by bengrey

Participants provide the process

  • Each "room" has cycles of a process running 3/4 times on the day
  • Each room has briefed facilitators who intro the process
  • Participants choose what they want discussed or considered
  • We invite participation, experiments and reflection
  • We invite learners to capture their own learning 
Photo by cmaccubbin


  • Bring your ideas for Creative and Daring learning
  • Be willing to participate, learn and share
  • Be willing to try new stuff out
  • Bring your opinions and doubts
  • Enjoy your day
Photo by Tojosan


  • Follow @LnDConnect on Twitter 
  • Take part in the TwitterChat - #LDInsights, Friday's 8am
  • Follow LinkedIn Group
  • Feel free to organise pop up events

Glasgow 3rd October 2014

We are excited