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Please be careful!!!! I can't get all the info on the slide show thank you!!!!
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Published on Dec 01, 2016

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By Bethel Makonnen pd. 9/10
Please be careful!!!! I can't get all the info on the slide show thank you!!!!


  • Kwanzaa was founded by Dr. Maulana Karenga in 1966
  • The name Kwanzaa originated from the phrase "matunda ya kwanzaa", which means "the first fruits", in Swahili.
  • The candles represent the seven principles
  • Is a non-religious holiday, it's meant to celebrate communities, people, and African culture (heritage).
  • Dr. Karenga used to be a black nationalist who eventually became a college professor. This holiday was to help empower and unite the African (American) communities after the inimical(harmful, destructive) Watts riots.
  • This holiday has been around for 50 years. (After 2016, it's 51 years.)
  • Most Africans celebrate this holiday and christmas.

how it's celebrated

  • Kwanzaa is celebrated through Dec. 26th to Jan. 1st
  • each night 1 candle is lit. A principle is discussed each night(one that is appropriate for that night).
  • Big feast (on the sixth day)
  • On the last day, the gifts get exchanged (most of the gifts are homemade.)
  • Color scheme: Black, Red, and Green
  • The cup of water is used to remember and celebrate the ancestors.
  • wear traditional clothing
  • decorate the house with cultural items, the symbols, the colors red, green, black., etc.

the 7 principles (Nguzo saba)

  • 1) unity (umoja) to maintain and obtain unity in families, nation, and race.
  • 2) Self-determination (kujichagulia) to impose cultural identity
  • 3) collective work and responsibility (ujima) To assist others problems and to maintain the community together
  • 4) Cooperative Economics (ujamaa) To perpetuate their stores and other businesses . And to meet needs by support.
  • 5) Purpose (nia) Setting goals that benefit the community.
  • 6) Creativity (Kuumba) Using creativity and imagination can benefit and make communities better than what was inherited.
  • 7) Faith(Imani) To honor the tradition, (have self-confidence) courage, and strive for success and triumph through struggles.

Reason why Kwanzaa is celebrated after Christmas

Its because Dr. Karenga didn't like commercialism of Christmas and thus created Kwanzaa. (in other words he thought it was white ideal.)


  • People that celebrate Kwanzaa eat:
  • sweet potatoes
  • black-eyed peas
  • collard greens
  • fruit salad
  • coconut pie
  • rice
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