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Kopie von 7 Strategies to Write a Speech with Ease

Do you procrastinate preparing for your next speech? You're not alone. Here are 7 tips to write a speech with ease.


7 Strategies to Write a Speech with Ease

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What's the most difficult part of writing a speech?

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Survey Says...

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Write your next speech with ease

#1 Step away from the computer

Don't start with PowerPoint

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Get inside the audience's mind

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#2 Find the BIG IDEA

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What's the ONE idea you want the audience to remember?

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The BIG IDEA is the beacon for your presentation

#3 Give the audience what they need

Don't ask "what should I speak about?"

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Instead ask "How can I be of service?"

#4 Plan your call-to-action

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Know the destination of your presentation

Focus the CTA on one action

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#5 Use the 1-minute rule

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For every minute you speak...

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...Plan for an hour prep

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20-minute speech
20-hours of prep

#6 Discover your writing strategy

There's no best way to write a speech

Find the method that works for you

#7 Get feedback

Don't be a lone wolf

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Get a fresh set of eyes

Hire a coach to make your message remarkable

Prep makes your speech a success

Make your speech remarkable

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Make your speech remarkable

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