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Key Learnings from #UOSM2008 Topics

Published on May 22, 2016

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Key Learnings from #UOSM2008 Topics

Topic 1

  • Digital Visitors and Digital Residents (White & Le Cornu, 2011) are set on a continuum.
  • Numerous factors can cause a continuum position shift, conflicting with Prensky's (2001) idea that age was the main reason.
  • I realised that I was more of a digital visitor than originally thought!

Topic 2

  • Multiple online identities aren’t just about having numerous social media accounts, but showing different aspects of yourself depending on the context.
  • Anonymous online identities hold many dangers, for those with them and those being targeted by them.
  • However, others blogs showed me there are courses to combat these issues.

Topic 3

  • There's lots more to authenticity than simply creating a LinkedIn account. You must be an active user, engage with people, update your profile regularly so it stays true to your developments and achievements, and be genuine.
  • Recruiters check this when assessing you, so it’s well-worth doing!

Topic 4

  • Ethics of social media usage within education is a current hot topic!
  • Main factors I considered include: age of students using this method of learning, rules for teachers and students so appropriateness of situations isn't ambiguous, social media types to be used, intellectual property, and plagiarism.

Topic 5

  • Key advantages of open access include: greater knowledge for lower socioeconomic individuals, and faster scientific discovery.
  • Main disadvantages of open access include: copyright breaches, academic work being valued less, long-term sustainability worries, and quality checking concerns.

Skills Learnt From UOSM2008

  • Debating and communicating
  • Writing creatively and professionally
  • Improving work through considering constructive feedback
  • Analysing and synthesising copious amounts of information
  • Promoting my own brand and accomplishments

So, my knowledge about Living and Working on the Web has developed greatly!