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Keep It Real

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Kyle Harvey is a rapper from Ventura California. Also known as K.i.D( Kyle is determined) he has fit his name creating a wide fan base growing in the music scene. His rapping style is similar to childish bambino and chance the rapper. Kyle has released 4 mix tapes and a debut album called Beautiful Loser.

Kyle is unsigned and determined to make it without a huge record label.


  • Well I keep it real and I don't think
  • I'll ever change I'll never lie if u can
  • Look me in the face
  • I swear to God that weak shit isn't in my veins
  • I'll never change I Keep it real( I keep it real my nigga) (repeat 6x)


  • Your lowkey like Japayne(japan)
  • All you look the same nigga
  • Dude, this is the shit I do
  • Spell it out for these dumb niggas haiku
  • Weak rappers like you are so bad for my mood


  • Yep, yall better watch your step
  • Asian kid test
  • Im coming correct
  • Really there's no contest
  • Getting it right till there aint shit left

Lyric analysis first verse He is saying that all rappers are the same in today's world. Hence Japayne (Japan) all you look the Same. Asian people look similar in appearance.

Lyrics analysis second verse. Kyle says Asian kid tests I'm coming correct. He is saying Asian kids are smart and have correct answers on their tests so that's how his music is, it's coming correct.

My thoughts about this song?
I read an interview on Kyle and I like how he shows who he is in his music. He talks about TV shows, video games, women, and chilling. He never talks about drugs or degrading women.

Do I agree with the view of this song/overall message?
Yes, since I listen to rap music I get tired of the same topic. I enjoy this song, because his has the hype best but he is talking about how fake other rappers are and how he just wants to stay the same and be yourself. All we can be is ourselves.


  • Keep it real
  • Oceans
  • Raining love
  • View from hollywood
  • Sex & Super Super Smash Bros.