Keep Going Groups

Published on Apr 03, 2017

What is the best way to help your teams stay well and working in this moment of crisis? Our Keep Going Group Coaching is for companies who understand that they must take care of team members, if their business is to survive. In this deck we explain why and how Keep Going Groups work.

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Keep Going Groups

 Maintaining Momentum in this Moment of Crisis

We are living in a moment of unprecedented insecurity. Both lives and businesses are at risk.

The biggest challenge is to help team members stay emotionally well, connected, focused on work and moving forward.

We can achieve this by helping team members to:

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1. Acknowledge and celebrate progress - however small.

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2. Support and be supported by their colleagues.

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3. Imagine and articulate a compelling purpose.

4. Develop habits that will maintain good physical and mental health.

These four elements combined create resilience, connection, motivation and good health.

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  • When we can see that we are making progress it feeds our motivation and encourages us to push forward, even in the most challenging circumstances.
  • Progress is caffeine for the soul.
  • Read Teresa Amabile and Stephen Kramer seminal work "The Progress Principle" or see the TED talk.


  • When we feel safe with, connected to and valued by our colleagues and leaders we are more creative, communicative and productive.
  • Read Margaret Heffernan's "A Bigger Prize: When No One Wins Unless Everyone Wins" or see her TED Talks


  • Purpose has the power to motivate us and carry us through a period of uncertainty and transition, like the one we are currently in. People can do extraordinary things when connected to a powerful purpose either personal or professional.
  • Purpose is the wind in our sails.
  • Read Simon Sinek's brilliant book "Start With Why" or watch his TED Talk.
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Good Habits

  • We all know what we should do to support our physcial health but most of us don't do it, because we lack support and motivation. In times of stress we tend to abandon the habits at just the moment when we need them most.
  • Refer your team to Dr Rangan Chatterjee's Four Pillars of Good Health.
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How Does It Work?

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Activities are delivered and attended virtually, led by an experienced facilitator.

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Content reflects our new reality and can be further adapted to the needs of each group.

Groups of up to eight people meet on a regular basis for group coaching sessions.

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We review progress against goals, strengthen connections, share challenges, plan future actions and core professional skills like communication.

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Coaching helps participants to have a positive mindset (yes, even now) and to move forward.

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Working in a group, helps to create a safe and supportive culture for the team and a powerful shared experience.

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The result is a deeper level of understanding and empathy between team members and leaders.

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Chose the option that works best for you and your team:

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Keep Going Workshop

  • Book a two part virtual Keep Going workshop.
  • This works well for teams who already work well together. This will help the team to agree a common way of working and purpose to carry them through this crisis.
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Self Service Groups

  • Access our online training, content and tools to facilitate your own regular, virtual Keep Going Groups.
  • This works well for teams where at least one team members has the relevant coaching experience to facilitate the sessions.
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Keep Going Coaching

  • We will work with you to deliver a series of facilitated sessions over the next three months, to support team members and help them work to their best of their ability, within this context.
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Investing in your team sends a clear message that you value them and recognise their key value to your business.

Contact us to talk about how we can help you support your team through this crisis.

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Our mission is to help groups of team members thrive in life
and at work.

It is based on scientific principles from positive psychology and on years of customer service and personal development experience.

Isobel Colson ♦ Get Going Coaching

We believe that most people have the potential to be happier and more productive in life and at work. We help them achieve this by connecting individuals with their purpose and helping them to work towards it, no matter how big or small

We also help teams to work better together by improving communication and understanding. If you value your employees, are looking to increase employee engagement or are simply trying to resolve a teamwork issue, let’s talk. Happier, healthier and motivated employees have a direct impact on the bottom line.