Jolt the Library

Published on Nov 19, 2015

Presentation from the NoWAL Conference 2015 on Lancaster University Library's Jolt the Library project to find innovative student ideas for the Library.


Interdepartmental collaboration to enable student innovation at Lancaster University Library

Lancaster University Library


Due for completion Lent term 2016

Identifying trends and technology that can enhance the student experience

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Assembling the team

Diverse roles, skills & experience
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Developing our message

Get help

Make the most of lovely people
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Launched November 2014
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Social media, print, face-to-face

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Out and about

Getting the (right) message across

Too much?

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Over 130 entries!


  • Time consuming & challenging to schedule
  • Criteria didn't allow for quick elimination
  • People didn't read the brief
We marked ideas for:
Impact on Student Experience

The finalists

Three Undergrads and Three Postgraduates from Business & Management, Design and Engineering

Mentoring Opportunity

Michelle Hua, Wearable Tech Entrepreneur
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The final

Our finalist pitched their ideas to an independent panel of judges - the Library had no input as to the winning idea!

Video from the final at:

The event as it happened

You can relive the final as it happened via our Storify at:

The winning idea

Kyaw Tun Sein, MSc International Innovation (Engineering)

Smart cushions

Implemented in 2016


What can Jolt the Library tell us?
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Effective study

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Health & Wellbeing

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Space booking

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The Future

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Thanks for listening! | @TimJPLeonard

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