January 2016

Published on Jan 01, 2016

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January 2016

Jan 1

 cold frosty morning

Jan 2

I added a little bling to this truffle cake

Jan 3

Skiing at Chief Joseph Pass

Jan 4

the Berkely copper pit in Butte has a blanket on 

Jan 5

a golden eagle

Jan 6

looks like the wind was blowing last night

Jan 7

now here is a healthy looking moose

Jan 8

a fluffy grey jay

Jan 9

the neighborhood kid

Jan 10

"Oh,the wind blows cold on the trail of the .....

Jan 11

Work and Power lab

Jan 12

leaving Safeway...the glow of statehood

Jan 13

Last day for the 2-4th graders in Science Club

Jan 14

At least he didn't have any burning crosses

Jan 15

Quiche for breakfast

Jan 16

Lovely ski tracks

Jan 17

this is what Sundays look like at our house- lots of football.

Jan 18

I disturbed the whitetails afternoon snack

Jan 19

In Montana, our snow banks have teeth.

Jan 20

our local cathedral

Jan 21

a small snowstorm picked up while walking in downtown Helena

Jan 22

Our favorite restaurant- and many others too- we couldn't get in

Jan 23

as the snow melts, we can study the effect of color on heat absorption- how cool is that!

Jan 24

I just liked the shape

Jan 25

aren't we all like little trees in the snow- or maybe not.

Jan 26

Doug waits patiently for me to catch up

Jan 27

Scribble-bots in Physical Science

Jan 28

just a skeleton of his former snowself

Jan 29

What a handsome couple

Jan 30

Colo Sprgs warm and sunny; a good day to waddle in the park

Jan 31

on the way back to Montana

M Williams

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