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Published on Nov 22, 2015

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Paths Exploration
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In the past all Fellows developed a Teaching Workshop

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in Developing a Workshop, Fellows

  • Commit to continuous professional learning
  • Understand the role of teachers teaching teachers
  • Articulate what they believe
  • Demonstrate what they know
  • Are ready to become consultants & deliver PD
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Workshop Components

  • Description of Context
  • Explanation of rationale behind practice
  • Student samples/exemplars, hadouts/reproducibles
  • Blended delivery
  • Time for discussion/questions

What is teacher action research?

  • A professional growth opportunity with student learning at the center
  • A chance to focus on a desired area of growth
  • An opportunity to reflect on work already underway
  • A natural, instinctive part of teaching
  • As simple or complex as you make it
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TAR presents answers

  • What was your research question?
  • What data did you collect?
  • What outside research did you do?
  • What came from your analysis if the data?
  • How has the work improved student learning?
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Each path leads a Fellow to the SMWP Teacher Consultant Network

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