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About ME

 i dont like apostrophes
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why am i doing this talk?

  • to share how i used iptables+ipset to enforce geofencing & vastly reduced spam & attacks on my mail server
  • to acquire a plethora of free advise from you on how to improve the above (security, latency, loopholes, etc)
  • to use the word plethora in public
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something something cloud (just to validate this presentation)

your part:

  • interject w/ questions, insights, advise, corrections, nonsense at any point immediately. (i have the memory of an elephant, but one w/ advanced stage alzheimers - i wont remember in 5 min.)
  • its not really a bullet list if you dont have at least 2 points

You will need:

  • a brain
  • a tolerance for sidebars & aberrant witticism
  • a linux host w/ terminal of your choice (i dont do windoze & GUIs make me suspect you didnt bring the 1st item on this list)
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You will need:

  • a planet full of bots, script kiddies, & nefarious underminers seeking to infiltrate aforementioned host (i will provide you one free if cant find your own)
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how indolent is a world which granted this app popularity?

things i will cover:

  • basic iptables rules & chains
  • why & how to use ipset
  • geofencing
  • my car in a hail storm
  • my lies
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things i will not cover:

  • why iptables?
  • why are there so many video games with rodents as protagonists?
  • the lost art of vote counting in florida.
  • why did disney cast someone who cant walk to play a hirsute biped who never speaks & whose face we never see?
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so good it always deserves its own slide
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iptables basics

  • rules
  • chains
  • nat, mangle, filter
  • forward, input, output chains
  • the drawback: latency (or whatever the pseudo-sophisticated term is for "this crap is slow!")
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Hardcore Command Line Action

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ipset (iptables on steroids)

  • if you want to store multiple IPs or ports and match against the collection by iptables; dynamically update iptables rules against IPs or ports without performance penalty; express complex IPs and ports based rulesets with one single iptables rule (to rule them all!), then ipset is for you.
  • if you want hallucinations & paranoid delusions, then meth is for you.
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why is ipset faster?
linear vs non linear


  • choose a strategy: whitelist vs blacklist
  • zone files
  • ipdeny.com is your friend

Who would win a tag team wrestling match btwn Indiana Jones & Superman vs Han Solo & The Hulk? (Which is all the more interesting b/c there'd only be 3 total people in the ring.)
(oh no, an apostrophe!)

ipset zone file

  • IP country address block aggregation vs the dumber way. Aggregating multiple smaller blocks into larger IP prefixes increases performance.
  • Why? Reduces: firewall rules (which thus inspects each IP packet faster), memory usage, network buffers, CPU load.

ipset zone file (p2)

ipset zone file (p3)

  • whitelisting hosts via zone files
  • integrating ipset into your iptables
  • lets check the logs for results

More Hardcore Command Line Action

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why haiku deck sux

  • piss poor editor, cant even format the text (font, alignment, size, nada!)
  • cant event insert list entries, can only add
  • raises my BP (w/o any of the benefits of narcotics)
  • makes me want to buy implements of death as pictured here
  • just another overrated slide slow tool (see? i want #5 to be #3 but cant insert!)
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