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iPossibilities - Empower Learners

Published on Nov 22, 2015

Use screencasting to make student thinking visible


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Empower Learners

with iPossibilities
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What kinds of apps are your students using?

Skill-based, consumption or creation apps?

What does transformative use look like?


How can we extend and deepen thinking?

What are the iPossibilities?

Joah's BYOD

What could our kids do if we set them free?

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"...Pioneering teachers are providing students with new roles that have students making contributions to their learning communities. We have powerful, easy-to-use tools such as screencasting and podcasting that give students opportunities to contribute content to the class. At the same time we can also provide them with rigorous and more motivating assignments...It’s an exciting time." Alan November

What could students do with 3 open-ended, versatile apps?

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Less really is more...

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Redefining Learning

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Show what you know with screencasting
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  • "If students are sharing their work with the world, they want it to be good...
  • If they are sharing it with the teacher, they want it to be good enough."
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and management w/sheet protectors

Alan November

  • "If our children are to grow up to make important contributions to our society, it is essential that we provide them with powerful tools and experiences across the curriculum."
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