Interdependent Complex Systems

Published on Jul 27, 2016

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Interdependent Complex Systems

S/E Ratio modelling
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West Midlands Fire Service

Data Integration Challenge
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The Challenge

  • Budget cuts
  • Future risk identification and mitigation - need to pinpoint interventions
  • Competitive commissioning market: need to prove efficacy against other services
  • Statutory requirement to measure impact
  • Need to direct bidders under Social Value Act towards strategic goals
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First we create the target human terrain

We populate with service users geo-located eg. fire, health, unemployed, crime, deprivation ... category segmented eg gender

We calculate impact efficiency of each service provider eg.
Fire Service

We measure value of each service
Preferably through Personal Value
In absence of data thru proxy data

Value Model

Examine service intervention at specific location

Variables to Adjust

  • Impact of services
  • Community Cohesion
  • Community Density
  • Others can be added
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Community Cohesion is a measure of overlapping interests of communities aligned (or not) to the intervention

What-If Forecasting

Measure, Insight, Impact

Strategic Policies

if we can measure it, we can influence it
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Broad Interventions

eg. Service KPI's, procurement choices, etc
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Acupuncture Interventions

eg. individuals, specific groups ...
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Maryam Taghiyeva