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  • Their size helps them to travel or to flee from any predators.
  • Insects sizes can help them to even sneak up on any prey.
  • Since insects have a small body size, they are able to move and disperse to different places.
  • Insects, because of their small size they are able to eat small amounts of food.
Photo by frydoc

Insects have been adapting for years and years. This is another example of how they are so successful. Since they have been adapting for such a long period of time, the insects have gotten used to the environment and the tools they have around them.

Photo by AJC1

Another way insects have been so successful, is how they work together to get things done, gather supplies, or even get food. Working together helps the insects with their success be when they work together they realized that they were able to achieve more in the process.

Some insects have an exoskeleton. This exoskeleton makes the insects so successful because it gives them protection, or even a source of food.

When working with the Madagascar Cockroaches, I learned that they don’t have good eyesight. Even. though they don’t have amazing eyesight, they are able to use their antennas to find their any around and even adapt to what’s going on around them. One thing that I think helps them survive and thrive in the environment is their antennas because of how good they are at finding their way around. The antennas also help them because

Photo by Muffet

One insect that I found interesting to work with, was the mealworm. I think the mealworm is interesting insect because of how they go through three different stages; larva, pupa, adult. Another way mealworms can be very interesting is how they eat styrofoam and their own exoskeleton too!