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Indoor Volleyball By Savanna Burton

Published on Aug 01, 2016

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Indoor Volleyball

By: Savanna Burton

One week this summer I went to a volleyball camp.

I got interested so I deiced to read up on the game.

Photo by Daniel Y. Go


  • One team serves the ball
  • The other team has to hit the ball back
  • You can bump, set, and spike the ball
  • Players can run, dive, and leap to hit the ball back
Photo by 74Pics4U


  • The first team to win two of the three matches wins the game
  • Six players are allowed on the court
  • You can only hit the ball three times however you can hit it one or two times instead of three times
  • To get a point you have to get the ball to touch the ground on the opposite side of the court

Fun Facts

  • Volleyball originates in America, and was created by William G. Morgan in 1895
  • In 1965, the Olympics were held in Japan and they featured indoor volleyball
Photo by Tom Rydquist

After learning the positions in volleyball camp, I discovered that I was a good setter but terrible server.

Photo by Tim Geers

Thanks for wathcing

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