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John Malcolm: British sea captain, army officer, and British customs official who was subject to feathering and tarring twice by the patriots and left the colonies to go back to England, where he died in 1788, after the colonists threatened to cut off his ears.

Lt. Col. James Chalmers: Commander of first Battalion of Maryland loyalists who wrote a pamphlet called "Plain Truth" to counteract patriot Thomas Paine's book: "Common Sense."

John Butler: Commander colonel of "Butler's Rangers" in Mohawk Valley, a place where many slaves and Tories were who were fighting on the side of the British, whose regiment was primarily held responsible for the Wyoming Valley massacre, where many patriots were slaughtered by British soldiers and Native Americans following the Wyoming Valley battle.

Joseph Brant: A Native American and Mohawk leader who fought on the side of the British during the American revolution and was blamed by many for the Cherry Valley and Wyoming Valley massacre, even though he was one of the few people on the side of the British who tried to stop the attacks from escalating.

Sir John Johnson: British politician and commander of the Royal Regiment that played a significant role in the siege of Fort Stanwix.