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Impact Of A T-Shirt- Group D

Published on May 31, 2022

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Impact Of A T-Shirt- By Izzy Vadala

Bowen Flowers is one of the many cotton farmers. He works in Clarksdale Mississippi.

This is meaningful and important because many different people have many different jobs working to put together one t-shirt. They are all over the world and spend hours of their day putting together a t-shirt. They all have many different responsibilities and have other dreams than just working all day.

Columbia,America and Bangladesh all have big cotton production.

This is meaningful and important because Alania is one of the many people that work hours of her day stitching and making peoples t-shirts.

Planet money t-shirts are just regular t-shirts with a squirrel drinking alcohol. that took a whole world to make and deliver.

This is meaningful and important because the people that made and designed this shirt are from all over the world. They wanted to see how much of the world one t-shirt traveled.

Jess Jiang is one of the many workers that is put to work

Jess Jiang helps make some of the many t-shirts that gets imported into other countries.

Eric Helton works on ships that import shirts. He spends hours of his day shipping goods into other countries.

He took a video of him shipping goods. He takes hours of his time just so people get their clothes and more on time.

Kulsum is one of the many workers that sews the shirts. She can not take days off because she needs money for her family.

Kulsum is a very inspirational person. Even though she might be one out of the thousands that work at the factory she was the only ones that would record herself working.