If She Knew What She Wants...

Published on Nov 19, 2015

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If she knew what she wants...

[librarian mind-reading tricks for fun & profit]
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(Sorry about the Bangles earworm)

truth: we're not psychic

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Four levels of information need

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our website... it could be....
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The problem is, um, so many THINGS! On the website!

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somebody get us a content strategy!

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I'm in ur library

guess I should ask for a book then
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Robert S. Taylor, Question Negotiation

  • the visceral need
  • the conscious need
  • the formalized need
  • the compromised need
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I didn't know we could do that! 
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interview as negotiation

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the gaps

the uses

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the uses

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"Inquirers frequently cannot define
WHAT they want,
but they can discuss
they need it."

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closed questions

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open questions

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sense-making questions

(also called neutral questions)

sense-making questions

  • how much info do you need (scope of project)?
  • what's your deadline?
  • what are your top priorities?
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sense-making questions

  • what have you done so far? where have you looked for answers?
  • what do you plan to do with the information?
  • what would a perfect solution look like?
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active listening

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resist premature diagnosis

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we don't always know

channel selection

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some other tricks

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content strategy as problem solving

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context is everything

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content strategy is people

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"the best way to placate a difficult man is to ask him to teach you something"

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