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Identity, sport and physical activity

Published on Jan 01, 2016

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Identity, sport and physical activity

Making Sense
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Ancient Civilizations

How were they developed?

What was the need?
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Dodgeball to the death


Where did activities begin?

How is identity affected?

How do they influence us?

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Do they still occur?

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How has this influenced others?

Do we honour history?

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Are they still at play?

How important has physical activity been through time?

Is it still now?
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Do they help with connection?

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Have they transferred to other cultures?

Does the environment affect what we do?

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What about hobbies and pastimes?

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Where did they originate?

Let's focus more...

Let's widen our perspective...

Connecting Physical Education and Social Science... 

Let's get into it

Sally and Tracey HPSS
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