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Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Acrostic poem

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An acrostic is a poem in which the first letters of each line spell out a word or phrase.

They don’t need to rhyme

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Acrostic poem

Mars is a planet
A small planet and it's
Red planet
Slow planet

by Hyeseong

Acrostic poem

MY FAMILY                by Sasha

My mummy

  • A
  • N
  • N
  • A

Poetry whose visual appearance matches the topic of the poem

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The poet doesn’t invent. He listens. – Jean Cocteau

Concrete poem

The Snail               by Behice

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Concrete poem

                             by Inna
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Book Spine poem

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You don’t write from scratch – instead, you “find” by arranging book titles to make a poem.

Books spine poetry
by Hyeseong

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One winter's night
Me and my poem
the railway children

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Cinquain poem

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Cinquains are just five lines long, with only a few words on each line.

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by Nikifor

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  • Biff and
  • Chip went to school
  • They had fun in the pool

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  • The magic key began to glow
  • Let's go

Haiku poem

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A haiku is an unrhymed three-line poem.

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Haiku poem

          by Fedor

Falling to the ground,

I watch a leaf settle down

In a bed of brown.

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Haiku poem

Summer     by Behice
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  • Summer is so hot
  • Nicest weather in the world
  • At summer kids play!!!
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Alliteration is when a writer repeats the consonant sounds at the beginnings of words. For example, “My puppy punched me in the eye,”

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FUN ADVENTURE            by Sasha
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  • My pillow saved the pineapple
  • My hamster ate his ham
  • My giraffe ate some grapes
  • And jaguar ate the jam
  •                                by Sasha

Thank you

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