I chase Elephants out of Rooms

Published on Nov 18, 2015

What I think or do - first Haiku Deck


I chase Elephants out of Rooms

because somebody has to...
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I'm STill learning

So I rarely claim expertise...
Photo by Pete Prodoehl

I believe in the randomness of success

- but that you can load the dice a little...

I'm not a big fan of Hierarchy

But I'm a big fan of support
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I believE Crowds of people who believe

get stuff done
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I Embrace change

because otherwise it runs away
Photo by Nanagyei

I take risks

which means I fail and succeed more
Photo by dandotelder

IF someone else can help more

I'll tell you and get out of the way

I'm pretty smart

so I have to work on being pretty nice. It's work in progress
Photo by Ame Otoko

I see things quickly

and that helps solve them finally
Photo by Krypto

I'm not afraid

to get messy to get the right results

I don't Believe work and Fun

are mutually exclusive


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David D'Souza

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