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How to write short

Published on Nov 18, 2015

A handy strategy for writing short-form content like blog posts, status updates and more


Writing Short

 blogs, status updates, tweets & more
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We write to

  • Inform/Educate
  • Sell
  • Connect/Share
  • Persuade
  • What else?

hard to read, hard to understand

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easy to read,
easy to understand

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  • Helps the audience focus
  • Improves engagement and resonance
  • Drives social sharing
  • Sets the stage for meatier content

writing short?

What keeps us from
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Writing short is hard

  • We have a lot to say
  • We don't know where to start or stop
  • We're not sure which details matter
  • We don't know the subject well enough
  • We're in a hurry

Idea-Details Strategy®

  • Prioritizes concepts & support
  • Makes writing faster
  • Keeps us on topic
  • Makes writing short a piece of cake
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The one most important thing


  • Evidence
  • Examples
  • Explanations

Use to write

  • Blog posts & Facebook notes/statuses
  • Pinterest, YouTube & Instagram captions
  • Google+ and Linkedin updates
  • Tweets
  • Landing page content
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