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How to Write Better Email

Published on Feb 01, 2016

Good email messages can help you get what you want. These five tips can help you write them.


How to Write
Better Email

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1. Write a subject line that clearly indicates the purpose of the email.

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Tip: Imagine your email among hundreds of others in the recipient's inbox.

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2. Begin with a greeting.
Start with "Dear ____," Hi ____," or "Hello."
Emails without greetings seem like they're generated by angry robots.

3. Make your message brief and concise.
The reader will skim your email.
Then -- maybe -- they will read it.

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4. Clearly indicate what you want the reader to do or know.

Tip: Every organizational culture and personal style is different. Take these particulars into account when drafting an email.

5. Proofread.
Reread your email once or twice before sending.

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