How To Write, Anywhere, Anytime...

Published on Nov 06, 2015

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About Me.

I love to write.

I sit Under trees to write.

I write everywhere.

When I'm Not Writing...

I'm reading.

Or playing with Honey,

my Jack Russell Terrier.
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Or doing yoga.


Or listening to music.

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Or eating ice cream.

Everything's better with ice cream.
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Fun Tips: How to Write,

Anywhere, Anytime...

1. Care.

Describe what you see and feel, in word images.
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2. Feel it.

Why do you care about your topic? Write it down.
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3. Ask...

Is it helpful? 

4. Ask... 

Is it entertaining?
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5. Practice.

All writing is practice. have fun!
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6. Use Haiku Deck.

It's made for writers. Get inspired. Write and share.