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How to survive clinical years

Published on Apr 26, 2016

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How to survive clinical years

Dr Nur Faraheen Abdul Rahman
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What it means to be in clinical years?

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Disorientating experience

Off-campus immersion

Unfamiliar faces

Ambiguous protocols

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Patients' idiosyncrasies

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Lack of knowledge

Insufficient skills

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Limited insight

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Inappropriate expectations

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Medical errors

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Why must we deal with uncertainty?

To prevent us from feeling jaded

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To reduce self-doubt

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To avoid feeling bitter

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Top 10 mistakes made in clinical rotations

  (Kendra Campbell, MD and other Medscape Contributors )
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1. Arguing with patients

2. Reporting a "made-up" physical findings

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3. Berating your teachers (seniors/ HO/ MO /Specialists)

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4. Disrespecting the nurses

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5. Dressing inappropriately

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6. Documenting a positive important findings without alerting your supervisors or HOs

7. Showing up late

8. Performing procedures without authorisation

9. Forgetting you are in a hospital

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10. Being a slacker

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How to study in clinical years?

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Begin with the end in mind

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SWOT analysis

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Keep a portfolio

Content of a portfolio

  • Work samples/ assignments
  • Journals
  • Checklists
  • Projects
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  • Patients' encounters
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Self-assessments
  • Reflections

How can we reflect?

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3 simple steps

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What have I done well? (that you will keep repeating in the future)

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How can I improve?

What specific learning points (on the patient/case, topic) must I do?

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Balanced healthy food


Enough sleep

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Be faithful:
True cause

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