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You want lots of Twitter followers, right?

Sure you do. But, how do you get them?

Read on to uncover some of the most influential tactics and tools that will help spawn a flood of new followers!

How To Start Tweeting Like A Pro

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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How to start tweeting

Like A Pro
You want lots of Twitter followers, right?

Sure you do. But, how do you get them?

Read on to uncover some of the most influential tactics and tools that will help spawn a flood of new followers!
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First Things First

What's your Twitter purpose?
Why are you on Twitter? What's your purpose?

Start by identifying your target audience. What do you want your Twitter followers to do or to think of you?

Once you've determined your desired outcome, you can start deciding what content you should tweet.

tweet 24/7

without losing sleep!
Leverage your followers by tweeting around the clock. No offense to Bill Haley and his Comets!

People are active on Twitter at different times of the day. First there is the global time difference issue. Then, there is personal choice.

Some people tweet first thing in the morning, others later in the day or last thing at night.

Make sure, by posting at different times of day, that you get noticed by these different Tweet Timers.
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Be Visible

whenever followers are present
Be visible any time followers or potential followers may be logged in, viewing their feed.

To Tweet Around The Clock without losing sleep, you need to . . .

Tweet content YOU create

Tweet content created by OTHERS

Tweet your content MORE THAN ONCE

Guy Kawasaki, one of the most influential marketers we know of, has an audience of 1.4 million Twitter followers.

Guy tweets 50 times per day (on average). Each of his tweets goes out 4 times per day, in order to reach a wider audience.
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Become a tweet ranger

Increase your Tweet Power
To share content like Guy Kawasaki, you need a tool that can do the following four things.

Automate publishing from your blog feed.

Easy share content you find any where (curation).

Schedule your Tweets.

Upload custom images.

Luckily, Hubspot's Social Inbox provides all this power, letting you power-tweet, 24-7/365.

If you don't use Hubspot (and we highly recommend you do), both Hootsuite and Buffer are good tools.
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get the extensions

Many tools have Chrome extensions
Hubspot, Hootsuite and Buffer all have available Chrome extensions that will allow you to schedule and share links to content you find anywhere on the web.

These extensions are great! You don't have to leave the page. Just click a bookmarklet to share content.

social sharing tools

save time and help increase efficiency
No matter what social sharing tool you use, the point is to save time and share more efficiently.

Automating tweets for your own created content (eg. your blog).

Curating and sharing quality content, as you discover it.

Increasing your social reach by scheduling multiple tweets.

be present

Tweet regularly and frequently
Tweeting, like everything else you do online, supports your trust and authority quotient.

So, don't go AWOL! Your audience has expectations. If you tweet frequently, then disappear for a while, even if subconsciously, your audience will perceive your lack of commitment to the relationship you've begun with them.

Content curation is your friend! Remember, it matters less where your content came from, than how plentiful, entertaining, educational or otherwise valuable it is to your current and potential followers.
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some great resources

for content curation
We consider the following list of resources to be our Swiss Army Knife for content curation.

These content resources work for us. Explore others that are more reflective of your "marketing domain".

Fast Company
Wired Magazine
Harvard Business Review
Good Reads Quotes
Huffington Post

If you find some great content curation resources, please let us know. Sharing is good!
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