How to Run a Successful Meeting

Published on Oct 03, 2016

Extracted from the book Meetings the Smart Way by Barry Hodge. Meetings that are successful have an agenda and it is stuck to throughout the meeting. Also the greater the visibility of key information such as the agenda, actions, objectives, expectations and concerns will also improve the chance of your meeting being successful.

This deck contains tips on how you can run your meeting to make sure you have a successful outcome.


How to Run a Successful Meeting

Meetings the Smart Way

Follow the Agenda

  • Make agenda visible
  • Keep an eye on the time, take action if behind
  • Get agreement from everyone before deviating from agenda
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Record Group Thinking

  • Visible notes throughout meeting
  • Separate facilitator for large meetings
  • Be action oriented
  • Do not dwell on issues/problems
  • Record good ideas
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  • At the start ask people's expectations from the meeting
  • Revisit the objectives so everyone is clear what will be covered
  • Capture and agree next steps - keep them visible


  • Arrive early to set up
  • Start on time
  • Advise all if someone needs to leave early
  • Request phones are turned off or on silent
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To Run a Successful Meeting

  • Follow the agenda
  • Record group thinking
  • Have a structure
  • Demonstrate good behaviour

Extracted from the book Meetings the Smart Way

by Barry Hodge

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