How to Plan a Worthwhile Meeting

Published on Sep 20, 2016

Extracted from the book Meetings the Smart Way by Barry Hodge. The major difference between meetings that are worthwhile and those that are best avoided is in the planning. The reality is for it should take twice as long to plan and prepare as it does having the meeting.

This deck contains tips on how you can plan your meeting to make it worthwhile and therefore have a successful outcome.


How to Plan a Worthwhile Meeting

Meetings the Smart Way
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  • What are the objectives of the meeting?
  • What are the required outputs or outcomes?
  • Who needs to be there to meet the objectives?
  • If there are no objectives is there a need for the meeting?
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Set a Clear Agenda

  • Specify Objectives at the top of the agenda
  • Send out well in advance of the meeting (at least 1 week)
  • Have it time based
  • Set realistic timescales
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Benefits of an Agenda

  • Allows people to decide if they should be there
  • Gives time for people to prepare in advance
  • Avoid surprises
  • Gives meeting focus
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Identify and Overcome Barriers

  • Anticipate sources of conflict in advance
  • Considering discussing before the meeting
  • Bring solutions not problems to meetings
  • Meetings should be decision focused with little discussion
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Benefits of Overcoming Barriers

  • Avoids surprises in the meeting
  • Stops the meetings going off course
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The Right Space is Key

  • Make sure the space is the right size
  • Consider what tools and techniques to use
  • Avoid distractions
  • Bonus Tip Get people out of the work place to get their full attention
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  • Have Objectives
  • Set a Clear Agenda
  • Identify and Overcome Barriers
  • The Right Space is Key

Extracted from the book Meetings the Smart Way

by Barry Hodge

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