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How to Make Micro-content

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Learn how to make micro-content to share across social media platforms using one simple image


How to make micro-content

13 Pieces of Micro-content Using Just One Cream Puff

I Used a photo taken with my iphone,

a free piece of clip art and my brand's typefaces

and created This infographic!

It's part of a campaign to promote a Feast on History ™ food tour

Then I created a series using the same template

I swapped in and out different photos. (How good does that pizza look?!)

I shared it on facebook with a shortened link

(Make the size 403 x 504 pixels)

And on twitter with relevant hashtags

The link leads back to my website

and the link shortener allowed me to track the clicks

It went on instagram with even more hashtags

ANd see how pretty it looks on Pinterest!

I blogged the recipe for this cream puff 4 years ago

and I continue to share that same post annually

I could also take my cream puff and ...

  • Share the image on Tumblr
  • Share the recipe on Google Plus
  • Make and send postcards using the Ink app
  • Create a top ten list in Haiku Deck
  • Stick it in a press release about my upcoming food tour

Want to learn more? I'm doing a free webinar on 3/12 at 1pm

Making Micro-content: Tell Your Story in Tasty Little Bites

And don't worry if you can't make it

Register and I'll send you the replay link right after the webinar

I hope you enjoyed this slideshow!

And feel free to email me with questions: danielle@feastonhistory.com

P.S. you should come on my food tour of Little Italy!

March 29th at 11am in the Bronx. It's gonna be delicious.