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How to make a portfolio

Published on Nov 06, 2015

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How to make a portfolio

for your little artist
Photo by John-Morgan

Do you need a place to store all of your little artist's work? Look no further! 6-year-old Leo is here to help!

Photo by theirhistory

Here's what you'll need...

Photo by wiccked

2 Poster boards

you choose the colors!

Duct Tape

bonus points if it has a fun pattern on it!
Photo by John-Morgan

All of your art supplies

paint, crayons, markers, stamps- grab it all!
Photo by laffy4k

a good mood

make sure you're ready for fun!
Photo by Filippo C

decorate the poster boards!

go crazy!!! Have fun!! Get messy!!
Photo by Abby Lanes

Tape the poster boards together

and then use the duct tape to make a handle!

Fill it with art!

It's fun to look back on what you've made!

Thank for reading!
My name is Leo. I'm 6 years old and I'm an artist.

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