How to End a Great Meeting

Published on Oct 03, 2016

Extracted from the book Meetings the Smart Way by Barry Hodge. A meeting without actions and decisions is not productive. Meetings should not be a chance for people to have a discussion and waste time. Having an action orientated meeting will increase the chance of it being a great meeting.

This deck contains tips on how you can end your great meeting to make sure you have a successful outcome.


How to End a Great Meeting

Meetings the smart way

Evaluate effectiveness

  • Capture what others found beneficial
  • Ask if anyone has any concerns
  • Were objectives met?
  • Were expectations met?
  • If not consider next steps to address
  • Ask for feedback on what went well/ could be improved
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Next Steps

  • Make next steps visible
  • Each action has only one owner
  • Have a central log of actions for all meetings about the same project
  • Send out actions as soon as meeting has finished

Following Up

  • Before people leave agree how actions will be received
  • Agree who will arrange follow up
  • Set dates for completion
  • Chase up if necessary
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Coach Each other

  • Invite feedback
  • Reinforce behaviours that should continue
  • Challenge undesired behaviours - keep factual
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How to end a great meeting

  • Evaluate effectiveness
  • Agree next steps
  • Follow up
  • Coach each other
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Extracted from the book meetings the smart way

by barry hodge

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