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How Much Does It Cost To Be An Adult

Published on Nov 26, 2015

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By: Debbie Mingo

The career I have chosen is Animation and Special Affects. My yearly salary is 83,730. My monthly wage is 6,978 and my hourly wage 290.75.

My yearly income tax rate is 5,233 and monthly income tax rate is 436. When I subtracted my yearly salary from my income tax rate I received 78,497 as my yearly net pay. The monthly net pay was 6,542. My liabilities totaled in $21,393.08. I had no assets.

The career I picked requires a college education. I have chosen the School of Visual Arts in New York, NY. I chose to live in an Apartment to save money because houses cost more.

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Here is my graph for my budget. My transportation took up 2% of my budget. My loans were 61% of my budget and my Earnings were 47% of my budget. Expenses only took up 3% of the budget.

Adults have to handle their money very carefully to payoff some of their debts and/or loans. If I didn't pay attention to all of my responsibilities equally I would probably be bankrupt due to not paying taxes or loans on time.

Some items cost more than I had expected. Theses items were college loans and utilities. A few of the expenses I never heard of: Emergency funds and entertainment. I never thought those were expenses at all. My starting salary was pretty good for my job. It was really close to the hundred thousands. I really like the job I had chosen because animators make the coolest cartoons and animes.

This project had made me think about the things my dad has to do every month. This project doesn't really change my attitude towards school because I know in order to get a good high paying job you have to be really smart. I always knew going to college was important because usually that's how your employer will hire you. I would probably study a little more so I can be a double major so I'll receive three times the amount of money in the future.

To give myself the max amount of nominee jobs I will look at what I'm good at and perfect skills that could be useful in the future.