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How I wrote my first book?

Published on Dec 23, 2015

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My first book...

How I wrote

Tathagat Varma "TV"

Adventurer, learner, speaker...


Here's my
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But...always wanted to!

Didn't know how to write a book

2004: Blogging

Took the very first baby steps...
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2014: 150+ blog & talks

Slow and steady, professional and "heavy"

Disappointed :(

Mustered some courage, but...
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Kept writing...

Didn't give up!!!
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I was "found"!

Finally in July 2014...
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Wanna write?

NY publisher Apress asked me...

Guided me...

Awesome folks at Apress
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Process began...

And so the 

Seal the deal!

Proposal: It took 4 months to
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Every 2 weeks!

Plan: I had to write one chapter

Mission Impossible!!!

Deadline: 3 months
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A baby was born :)

Actual: ~9 months
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The book!

Finally on 4 Nov 2015

My learnings?

So, what were

The Good :)

  • Great experience!
  • Makes you learn
  • Give it back

The Bad :|

  • Major commitment
  • Solid efforts
  • Lots of review
  • Even more rework!
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...and The Ugly :(

  • Don't write for money!
  • You are never ready
  • Journey begins after reaching the destination...
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