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Hot Tub Wife Pimpin Part 3

Published on Mar 29, 2024

You mutherfucker!" A string of swearwords flew out of my wife's mouth, and for good reason too.

They weren't aimed at me but they might as well have been. I have a small auto parts shop and garage and times have been tough lately and I needed some extra work and as ashamed as I was to go to my competitor to basically beg for help, I did just that. It went way too far and a drunken wife later Neal fucked Karen half passed out while I watched.

It wasn't what either of us were expecting, but afterwards we both got really turned on talking about it and feeling all of the various emotions that kind of encounter brings up. Jealousy, shame, envy, lust, anger, betrayal, fear, the entire spectrum. After months of replaying it over and over again in our heads in our bed, when money became a problem again, we mutually agreed to invite Neal over again for more of his "help".

Tonight he ravished my wife in every hole, fully degraded her and conditioned her to love this abuse with multiple orgasms smashed out of her with his massive prick. That would have been enough to blow Karen's mind in a way I was uncomfortable with, in a way that made me uncontrollably hard, but as it turns out, that was just the beginning of our night.

The whole time he was streaming it for our four employees. Not recording it. Well maybe recording it too, but now the four mechanics had watched their boss's wife act the filthy pornstar with a promise she would do the same for them in lieu of their last two weeks pay.

Neal just got a text telling him they were outside waiting by the hottub.

Rich, Jake, Diego and Lester. Rich and Jake were from Neal's shop to "help me" keep up with Neal's demanding schedule. They didn't seem to like me much, though now I wondered what he'd told them before they started with us. They were young guys in their early twenties, kind of like frat bro guys, but decent mechanics. I saw them check out Karen a few times at the shop but I didn't think much of it, actually I was flattered.

Diego was a good looking Latino guy in his early thirties. Good guy, got along great with both of us... until the recent grueling schedules and missing paycheques. Out of all the guys, Diego was almost a friend to Karen when she was at the garage. He had a wife and kids but I could tell Karen found him attractive.

Lester had been with us the longest. Since it was my dad's business. He knew me since I was a kid and always gave me a hard time. Always thought he knew better than me. He was in his 50's. Karen never liked Lester. He never married, rarely dated and we guessed picked up hookers. Maybe Karen didn't like him because I'd told her everytime he'd said something perverse and innapropriate about the way she dressed or shape of her body or anything. Now, knowing what he'd seen and what he was in line for now, churned my stomach.

I didn't know if Karen was going to completely melt down or totally lose her mind altogether but it had already been a crazy night. Now the idea that there were four more guys waiting for their turn...

Neal was laid back on our bed, wiping his cum and my wifes pussy juice onto our sheets.

Karen was staggered, mentally. "I'm not fucking them all for..."

Neal interrupted as he put his pants back on. "Each. For about 700 bucks in back pay for each one."

So the contracts themseleves, sure they made tens of thousands, even though he was only really giving us the contracts, no money exchanging hands, now Karen would be literally fucking to pay our debts for hundreds in lieu of cash each time.

Neal buckled his belt. "You have nothing to hide any more."

"Fuck you!" She spat back at a near breaking point, emotionally.

"Fuck your modesty!" He shot back. "You want to watch a replay on my phone? You're a natural fuck machine, and you love it. Your cuck of a husband loves it. What's he going to do?"

It was the first time I was mentioned. I stood up and started to ask Karen if she wanted me to stop it.

She kind of half laughed, half sneered, "You're the reason this is happening! If you could have done something about it we wouldn't be in this mess, would we?"

I sat down again quietly.

Neal pressed on, putting his shoes back on. "They're already outside and getting in your hot tub. "

"You think you can sell me into a gang bang?" She crossed the room to look out the back window through the sliding glass door.

"Yes I do. You don't have a choice unless you want to lose the entire deal right now. Try to think about it more like the best staff party you'll ever host." He laughed.

Karen would have turned to spit something venomous back at him, but at the sliding glass door was now Diego who had walked over. He opened it.

"Uhh..." he said, unsure of how to act around Karen who was still naked. His awkwardness reflexively made Karen cover her boobs and pussy with her hands. Her face was so red from embarrassment. "The guys were wondering if we could get some drinks?"

Karen's head turned on a swivel. "Can I have drinks?" She asked Neal.

"I think we have a deal." He agreed.

So spun from the idea of drinking her shame away Karen forgot all about being naked, "Okay let's go get some drinks."

They walked off down the hall to the kitchen as if everything was normal, but I knew she wanted to get away from Neal and crawl into a bottle as fast as possible. I couldn't believe how fast everything was moving now.

I glowered with hatred at Neal.

He caught my eye and said, "You gonna do anything about it faggot?"

He waited but I couldn't muster more than a dirty look. He knew it.

"I didn't think so. You should be thanking me for breaking your girl in for you." I knew he was trying to provoke me because we both knew I would just take it. "Now there's one other thing; they think this is weird, you watching, that is. So you let Karen go out there, do her thing, let them work her over real good, we both know she's gonna have a real good time and you can peak out of the windows, and jerk your little weewee in the shadows."

He left out the back, having a few words with the guys around the hottub before he left.

I tiptoed down the hall to see how drinks were coming.

I could hear Diego saying, "I'm married. I already have to make excuses where the money is... if you were married to a real man you wouldn't be doing this... I don't like lying to my wife."

"I know, Diego, I'm so sorry." Karen said.

"So I wanted to come tell you that I can't stay here and do this in the hot tub with the other guys." He lowered his voice.

Karen responded, "I understand. Thank you for telling me."

"My wife can't know. Ever." He almost sounded angry.

"Know?" Karen was as confused as I was.

Diego explained. "That's why I needed the video Mr. Neal sends me. So you never tell anyone."

"No I wouldnt..." Karen would have assured him further but he cut her off.

"Suck my cock, white girl."

"Oh! I... mhmmm...." Is all Karen could get out.

I could hear the familiar sound of cock sucking. As I tried to peak around the corner I could tell that she was pretty enthusiastic servicing him. Her hands were on his hips so she could really piston her face onto him sufficiently. It wasn't long before he grabbed her off her knees and pushes her forward onto the table. He fucks her right there on the kitchen table, straight up the ass, exclusively and savagely.

For her part Karen was compliant with all of it. I think she actually wanted this from Diego. Her shame had put her in an incredibly accomodating head space with her crush who currently giving her a dicking down in an eager asshole.

"You can't be taking food out of my babies mouths... so this right here," he said as he pawed her hip flesh. "This is your extension time. But you're going to get me my money, soon."

I don't know that Karen actually came but she was making all the right sounds as he pounded his last up her asshole with a bunch of, "Puta Madre! Ugh! You take this and then you still gonna pay me my money, right?"

Karen agreed as she took another load up the ass. The whole thing was less than five minutes. Just dropping a load in my wife. For free.

"Now you clean me up too." She did. I don't know where my wife had gone, maybe into some subspace, but the woman on her knees now cleaning Diego's cock of all her own ass was thorough and obediant.

As he passed me in the hall as he left he winked and called me "Hefe".

When I got to Karen she had dropped her third or fourth shot.

"How are you doing?" I asked.

"Gonna be good noww... you excited?" She was already slurring her words. "Fivvve men are going to take my asshole tonight. D'you know that?"

"Is that what you want?" I realised we could leave right now. Or lock the doors and stay inside until they left if she didn't want to keep going.

"Do we have a choice? Do you have the money to pay them all? No you don't... that's why I had to fuck your boss, right?"

"Neal isn't my boss." I said.

Karen laughed.

"I think this is what you want... a filthy whore wife. I think you love it."

She leant in to kiss me and I kissed her back to prove my love for her, despite her having sucked two other men off tonight.

"Can you taste the cock on my breath?" She teased. Her hand rubbed my crotch to confirm I was hard, of course. "It's so sick that we both get off on this. It's so fucked up."

Finding my cock through my pants, she taunted me to see if I would flex at the thought. "I'm going to let them do everything to me. Anythinggg... two at a time, bareback..."

Satisfied with my reaction she laughed again. "Let's go."

I had to tell her that Neal told me they had requested that I not go out there and watch because it was weird, but I would try to watch from the window.

Not phased in the slightest, she took the big vodka bottle and headed out the back door toward the hot tub, still buck ass naked, Diego's cum in her bum. I could hear the remaining three guys cheer.

I ran to a window and got my cock out of my pants immediately.

Rich, Jake and Lester were already in the hot tub. I could see Karen was a little slow walking over to them, stopping to take a another swig from the bottle. Either because she was nervous after their loud cheers or because she wanted to give them more time to stare at her naked body.

In any case, Jake jumped out of the water and started toward her.

Rich said, "Where you going man?"

Jake was a big guy and towered over Karen as he stood dripping and steaming in front of her and began untying his swim shorts. "Gonna get compensated." He said over his shoulder and then down at Karen as he pulled out his fat cock, "I been wanting to say this to you for the last eight weeks. Suck my dick, bitch."

With all three watching, Karen took a last pull from the vodka bottle, wobbled slightly before passing it to him and then went to work on her knees in the grass.

He leaned back to enjoy it as the other two cheered them on.

Karen was in the zone now; clearly wobbly enough to do some crazy shit but not coherant enough to know any better and these guys knew exactly what they had. One by one the other two got out of the tub, stood around her from all sides and slapped her face with their salamis, it looked like they were all trying to feed a baby bird.

She looked up with no recognition of anything other than her purpose as a cocksucker and went from dick to dick, tasting all three men. Stroking two with her hands and sucking up the third with her mouth.

I couldn't believe every employee I had at the moment had put their dick in my wife's mouth. But the cat was out of the bag now.

The angle from the two windows where I got the best views were looking down from the second story at them. It did make it difficult to hear their every word. Still, both Rich and Jake were loud enough to hear them call my wife a bitch, a cunt, tell her she was a stupid pig, slap her lightly, and while she endured that she also let them grope her tits and pussy, going full free use for them. It was unreal.

After they all got their dicks sucked, Rich decided to bend her over the edge of the tub and slide in from behind. The other guys got back in the tub and sparked a doob and they all passed it around, Karen included. She was the party slut of your dreams. She could take one guy from behind and suck another standing in the tub in front of her, or smoke the joint and hangout while any of the three could and did just reach over randomly to feel her tits or put their fingers inside her and let herself be open for their use.

Inside I was climbing the walls and shooting dust but perpetually hard watching three hard men work my wife over like a party favor. The way they pawed at her like animals one after another. The way she let them.

The two new guys were particularly agressive with her. As she got drunker and after the weed, Karen was pretty useless and barely able to stand without falling over, but they found ways around that.

The only time I saw her get a DP, my wife was half passed out and held in the air by two guys and fucked in the ass and pussy like a ragdoll. I'd never seen anything like it outside a cheap and dirty porno and this one starred my wife who was most lucid here while cumming and that was repeatedly a primal and somewhat pathetic grunting like a wounded animal that couldn't get away. And each time she was forced through another hard orgasm just by sheer force of cock assaulting her, she was going deeper into herself and getting drunker. They each fucked her on the lawn chair, on her back now, being far too drunk to be able to ride them but they didn't care of course.

I could hear the lawn chair squeaking as Rich dug in his cock one last time, draining his balls again in my semiconscious wife. Jake was getting dressed now, getting ready to leave.

Karen was such sex pulp and exhausted at the end of what I think was about three hours. All three guys had pumped their loads into her, which hole I couldn't tell. It didn't seem to matter any more. Jake and Rich were done, leaving only Lester left.

I thought the night was finally wrapping up. Lester was getting out of the hottub and I figured he was going to bust his nut and also leave so I changed to a different window, but when I got to the other room, they were both gone.

For a moment I thought maybe they left, but that was ridiculous, right? Then I heard them down the hall. Actually the tv.

I snuck down the hallway and stood in the doorway. Karen was on her knees with her back against the bed frame, the back of her head against the matress. He stood in front of her with his cock fucking her face into the mattress as he flipped through channels with the remote.

It was grotesque. Some old guy almost my father's age, plumbing my plastered wife's throat while casually checking what was on cable. Every thirty seconds or so he let her get a breath and she would sputter and gasp.

When he saw me standing there, he just said in total deadpan, "I'm not done yet."

I receded back down the hall, clearly my mistake for interrupting them.

Things got quiet about twenty minutes later, so I crept down the hallway again to see if he'd left yet.

This time she was on the bed on her back with her head hanging off the edge and he was right back in her mouth and straight down her throat. His hands were gripped onto her tits as handles so her could fuck her harder and deeper.

When he pulled out to let her breath, strings of throat goo ran free as she gasped and moaned before he drove home again. I backed away to hide in the shadows for as long as I could. He started playing with her pussy again with his hands, rubbing the clit roughly as he facefucked her. Her moans were appreciative.

There was no resistance at all from Karen. Total compliance. Maybe a combination of alcohol and drugs after five or six hours of conditioning, being treated as an object or an animal had taken root or she was someplace deep in her own mind, away from all of this, only brought to the surface by the forced orgasms.

My cock was aching and painful from how many times I had already rubbed myself raw, but I tried to watch for as long as I could before going back down the hall again to jerk off. It was agony, but all I could think of was laying with Karen once he was gone, getting my turn and then falling asleep together.

It was late and after shooting another load of dust, I lay down on the couch and fell asleep.

The last time I came down the hall was maybe an hour or two later. I could hear Karen getting vocal again.

"Morrrrrre..." I heard her moaning. It woke me and I checked the clock, it was 2am. They were still at it. Lester was a beast.

Even in the hall I could smell the sex sweat, the lube and more weed. Some jerk off late night host was getting precanned applause on the tv. Karens groans were low and gutteral.

As I peeked around the corner, the room was disheveled as they clearly dragged out the naughty box we had with a few sex toys and our lubes. There were empty bottles strewn around and on one of our side tables, small black bottles I'd never seen before and clearly some white powder on her make up mirror. Coke or speed, I couldn't say, but it explained how they were still active.

Karen was face down, ass up on the bed, backed up close to the edge as spread for him as she could be. Pulling her ass cheeks wide for him, groaning, "mooooorrrrreee".

And there he was, standing behind her, his fist up the wrist, pushing in and out of my wife's cunt.

His big hands, and thick wrists were huge. I couldn't believe one of them had stretched my wife's pussy enough to fit inside.

He sees me. But instead of speaking with me, Lester says to Karen, "You like this fist in your cunt now, bitch?"

"Mmmmm yesss. I do. You opened me up so muchhhh... oh I'm all stretched now. God damn it!" She went gutteral as he twisted his hand, rotating it forty five degrees.

Still looking at me Lester encouraged her. "Yeah baby, show me how loose you are."

He slowly pulled his fist out of her and then pushed it back in and I'll never forget that sound... like stirring a pot of Kraft dinner.

Karen groaned, but just took it all somehow, her legs were shaking, but she just opened up like I never knew was even possible.

"Now you show me. Fuck my fist, you dumb slut. Show me a freakshow." Lester egged her on but she was totally compliant for him. She'd push back against his big fist, clenched, elbow dug into the mattress so she could really press against it, until eventually she gave way and his entire fist was inside her again.

It didn't look easy. It looked impossible, but that pussy swallowed his entire hand and judging by the small gyrations she was doing with her hips, just getting it in by herself made her cum again.

He slipped out finally as she collapsed like a puppet whose strings were cut.

He walked over to me and wiped his hand on my shirt, leaving a big wet smear of lube and my wife's sex juices.

"Look, you're going to have find somewhere else to sleep tonight. I'm putting in those late hours." I knew he was mocking something I had told him before about working late.

"Oh." I said.

"Look, fuckwit, I'm going to fall asleep inside your wife tonight. I told her if she can wear me out I'll probably just cum in her ass and fall asleep right there like that, but if I still have the energy, I'm going to make her clean her ass off my cock with her mouth and I'll fall asleep like that." Lester said this all loud enough for Karen to hear. She did not disagree.

And then to Karen he said, "Get up and give your husband a kiss goodnight, you sloppy cunt."

Sweaty and still breathing hard, Karen got right up at his word and came right over to me. Her eyes were empty. It didn't seem like she cared who it was. Maybe it was the drinking or the drugs or the parade of cock that stomped its way through her cunt over the last six hours or her own coping with the knowledge that she just had just been fisting for the first time in her life. Her mind was blown, and so was mine.

Her lip and brow were damp with sweat and without hesitation or question she came in for a kiss. Her eyes met mine but there was no recognition of any kind until she brushed her hand against my crotch to confirm I was in fact still hard from all this. And then it wasn't a smile so much as a hint of disdain for my revealed true nature. The depravity of where this little adventure had taken us.

Karen whispered in my ear, "The things he did to me... I n-never knew... but, I.. did... everything. And I... came... so much... I came on him so fucking much... I didn't know..."

Her kisses were nice, wet, open mouth with tongue which was amazing until the moment her mouth went slack and eyes wide and she began gasping like a fish out of water. This was all a reaction, which was caused by Lester getting impatient and putting his fingers back inside her. While we were kissing. I didn't realise right away but it became obvious within seconds that he was penetrating her pussy or maybe even her ass. And it was by her pussy that he pulled her off of me and sent her sprawling back toward the bed.

"Alright, let's get you done sweetie. Get spun out and then we'll finish off whatever's left of you." Karen scooted over the side table to grab a lighter and a glass pipe and began smoking it immediately.

Then Lester turned to me and said, "your wife gives a dedicated rimjob," but then slightly corrected with, "...when pushed a little. How'd it taste, bossman?"

I couldn't think of anything to say but it didn't matter anyway. Lester laughed at his own joke and turned back to Karen, dismissively closing the door on me.

I stood there for a few minutes just listening in the dark as he started on her.

"Open your mouth." I heard him order her. And then the distinct sound of him spitting in her open mouth. Karen's beastial grunts and clear willingness to submit to his demands still bent my mind but I was too sore to jerk off anymore. Eventually

I retreated back down the hall and left Lester to it.

I tried to sleep for hours but even with the door closed I could still hear them, mostly her driving her voice to fry from abuse.

My mind was spinning with all the horrible thoughts. How could I face them at work as their boss tomorrow? Was Karen just free use for them all now that she was familiar territory? There didn't seem any way to go back now. Karen's face, kind of empty and passive and resolved to fulfill Lester's every dirty desire haunted me, that she might not be coming back the way she was or at all. That they might have broken her beyond repair and there very well could be a future where she doesn't have any use for me or has lost all respect for me, changing everything between us. I have to admit the image of Lester forcing Karen to eat his asshole was particularly pervasive in my imagination. And of course, did she fall asleep with his dick in her ass or mouth?

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