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Home Grown: Assessment and Outreach Techniques Without Using LIBQUAL+

Published on Nov 19, 2015

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Home Grown:
Assessment and Outreach Techniques Without Using LIBQUAL+

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Eric Robinson
Dan Vinson
Mount Mary University

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Outline for Today:
Some history
What we improved
Moving forward

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A Brief History

  • Floor counts and Reference stats--just in case only
  • Data on paper and MS Access--no easy way to use
  • Library perception was poor and it seemed *secretive*
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external forces, 2010-2013

  • The Renovation
  • College to university transition
  • Full Website redesign
  • New Library Director
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So, why change?

  • To gain control of our data
  • To stay ahead of the question "What's the value of the library?"
  • The staff was ready

how we did it

  • We just started doing stuff
  • We tried not to overthink
  • We accepted the risks
  • We prepared for a long road
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what changed

  • Job descriptions reworked
  • Liaisons aligned to schools
  • Thought more about patron experience
  • Major new tools: WorldCat, LibGuides, Gimlet

data we are collecting

  • Qualitative: surveys, requests, feedback
  • Quantitative: patron counts, use stats, Reference stats
  • Tools used: Gimlet, MS Excel, Library H3lp, SurveyMonkey, OCLC
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working with surveys

  • Assessment Plan
  • Read LibQual articles and assessment books
  • Considered survey aims
  • Designed surveys, which took some time
  • SurveyMonkey free version is brief and can be malleable
  • Library Survey Week--with bribes!
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  • Collection development decisions
  • Technology upgrades
  • Library space changes
  • Library perception change
  • Created an "assessment ecosystem"

Marketing & outreach

  • Marketing Plan
  • Shiny new stuff + old stuff
  • Email, signs, blog, infographics, online flyers
  • As many places as possible, as often as possible--especially for faculty
  • Tools used: MS Publisher, WordPress, Smore, Librarian Design Share
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what's next

  • Evolving the library space and services
  • Continuing to be a part of larger campus conversations
  • Focus groups and other qualitative techniques
  • (And a real iPad charging station)


time for questions...
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