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Holocaust Ghettos

Published on Nov 22, 2015

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This is the Warsaw Ghetto. In this Polish ghetto, 400,000 Jews were crammed into 1.3 square miles.

In the Białystok Ghetto, 50,000 or more Jews were forced into a small vicinity of the city. These people were put to work.

The Kraków Ghetto was made for the purpose of exploitation, terror, and the persecution of Polish Jews. Once there, the people were separated by those who were able to work, and those who were said to have no purpose in life.

The Łódź Ghetto was the second largest World War II ghetto. A total of 204,000 passed through the gates of the ghetto, but there were only 800 that remained hidden until the Soviets arrived.

During the Vilna Ghetto's two years of existence, starvation, disease, street executions, and deportations to Concentration camps and Extermination camps, reduced the population from about 40,000 Jews to 0.

The Lublin Ghetto was created in March,1941. The inmates were mostly Polish Jews, but there were also many Gypsies brought in. Most people in this ghetto, were sent to extermination camps.

The Kovno Ghetto was home to about 40,000 people who were sent to concentration camps, extermination camps, or were shot at the Ninth Fort. About 500 Jews escaped from the Ghetto in order to join Soviet partisan forces.

The Minsk Ghetto was the largest German occupied territory in the Soviet Union. It held more than 100,000 Jews, and most of them died either at the ghetto, or at concentration camps around Europe.