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Published on Nov 18, 2015

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"The only thing we can be certain of (in education) is that curiosity is going to matter. The rest is just bias."

"The iPad is like a doorway to Narnia."

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"The question is not how can I teach with technology, but how can students learn with technology?" @sjgorman

"Don't look to a device to instantly change things. IT's just a tool to be used when appropriate." @lindarawlings

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"Create a culture of empowerment and not dependency, Have them fail up." -@thomasdaccord

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"It's not about the device... choose the best method to help kids learn."

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"Start with the WHY #ilead14 #iplza14"


"Don't put the iPad on top of what you teach, embed it in your pedagogy."

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"Being a great teacher means that you have a growth mindset." @iTeachManor

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"SOLE = Self Organized Learning Environment. Start with big questions & let students work in groups to solve." @EdTechSandyK

"Learning is messy when you aren't using a worksheet to teach." -@satechnochic

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"Imagine that one day soon our students will no longer major in a dept. or subject. Instead, they will major in problems worth solving."

"We have places where we need to communicate better to understand other's perspectives."
-@mitcrew1 @edtechsandy

"Let kids connect things and let them solve problems. You can't outsource amazing."

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