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Hellfighters and the New SEO

ByMartin Smith|3174 views |Business

Fires happen to every website no matter how careful their overseers. Fires destroy value. Today's online marketing fires are complex and intertwined requiring specialized cross functional teams to extinguish. These teams are called Hellfighters.

Presentation Outline

  1. hellfighters the new seo

    1. hellfighters

    The New SEO

    SEO is different after Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. The net effect of these and other changes is Internet marketing is now so complex and intertwined extinguishing fires requires a cross functional team of deep experts. Raleigh, NC's @NewMediaLeaderz is pioneering a new approach to website fire fighting called Hellfighters.

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  2. 2. Hellfighters

    1. Website fires happen.
    2. Fires destroy invested capital, hard work.
    3. Online marketing fires highly complex.
    4. Requires specialized cross functional team.
    5. Hellfighters.

    Website fires happen NO MATTER how good, careful and well meaning an Internet marketing team is. Since websites and Internet marketing are so complex attempts to extinguish can easily add energy and force to a fire. Every minute a fire burns online value is destroyed.

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  3. fires website fires happen even to the careful.

    3. fires

    Website fires happen even to the careful.

    Your website could be on the wrong side of a Google change, insufficiently supported with social shares, LIKES and links or losing to competitors scaling faster and so resetting a business vertical's bar. How do you know how to extinguish a website fire? Those closest to the site are unlikely to see the right solution. Website fires require special experts to triage, treat and extinguish.

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  4. value fires destroy website value.

    4. value

    Fires destroy website value.

    Every minute a fire burns website value is destroyed. Thousands or millions may be destroyed FAST. Extinguishing website fires requires a special breed of Internet marketer. Fire fighting requires a team of seasoned Internet marketing veterans, people who've fought fires before and are comfortable with heat in their face and a hose in their hand.

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  5. fire starter website fires start for a million reasons.

    5. fire starter

    Website fires start for a million reasons.

    Why a website fire starts isn't important UNTIL after it is extinguished. Hellfighters triage, treat and act FAST and they don't look for monthly budgets to support their work until the end of time. Hellfighters put our fires and move on. Their specialty is fire fighting so once your fight is out they move to the next fire.

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  6. 6. Hellfighters = New SEO

    1. SEO is different now.
    2. Technical SEO YES, optimization NO.
    3. Content, Cause, Social marketing.
    4. Email, video, gamification.
    5. Extinguish fires, increase "oil" production FAST.

    SEO is so intertwined with content, social, cause, email, video, gamification, hosting and User Interface (UI) that any fire fighting team must be broad and deep. Broad in expertise and deep in bench strength Raleigh's New Media Leaders is an elite group of cross functional stars formed to fight a fire and then disband and reform to fight the next fire. Website fires are so complex now the most valuable experience is fighting fires.

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  7. complex fire fighting is complicated, technical, dangerous.

    7. complex

    Fire fighting is complicated, technical, dangerous.

    Fire fighting, like online marketing, is both art and science. Art comes from knowing how to modified science. Art comes from experience and deep expertise in Internet marketing and web design pillars.

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  8. specialized website fires need specialized cross functional teams.

    8. Specialized

    Website fires need specialized cross functional teams.

    Hellfighters come to a fire after teams have tried to quiet or extinguish. As tried and true methods of website fire fighting cease to work a web marketing team begins to panic. Panic is like throwing gasoline on a website fire. Hellfighters don't panic since they've fought hundreds of the web's random and fierce fires before. Hellfighers didn't create the websites they extinguish and they have a single thought - put the fire out, resume and improve the website's ability to achieve its goals and take preventative measures. Website fires can't be 100% prevented. Website fires happen. The most important thing an Internet marketing team needs to learn is when a damaging fire is out of control and beyond their ability to extinguish.

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  9. hellfighters triage, treat, act, extinguish.

    9. hellfighters

    Triage, Treat, Act, Extinguish.

    Hellfighters have special tools and proprietary ways to evaluate, treat and extinguish a website fire.

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  10. new media leaders @newmedialeaderz

    10. New media Leaders


    Raleigh, NC's New Media Leaders are pioneering the Hellfighters concept. Former SEO, ecommerce, content, social and cause marketers Hellfighters form teams to extinguish fires. Their single mission is putting out website fires. Website fires destroy value every minute they burn and today's fires are so complex putting them out requires a flexible and fast cross functional team of "deep experts" otherwise known as Hellfighters.

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