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Health Triangle

Published on May 31, 2022

The health triangle is a system in which you see the importance of your overall health and well-being. Each slide details a part of the triangle (Physical, Social, Emotional/Mental), how you can keep that area of your health healthy, and why it's important.


Health Triangle

By: Megan Bonilla
Photo by Mélisande*

physical health

  • Physical health is taking care of your body by getting the proper amount of sleep that you need, eating at least 3 meals a day, drinking plenty of fluids, and giving yourself time to recharge when needed.

Social Health

  • Social Health is developing relationships and making sure your emotional health is in good condition. Developing relationships improves happiness and increases support between one another.

Mental/emotional Health

  • Mental/emotional health is taking care of your emotions and expressing them in a healthy manner. Taking care of your mental/emotional health is very important, as like with your social and physical health, it plays a very big part in your overall well being.
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Your Ideal Health

  • One's ideal health should be an equal balance of your physical, social, emotional, and mental well being for the best chance of living a happy life. to me, your health is very important, and should never be ignored because it could always lead to consequences in the near future if your health is not taken into account.
  • Sometimes, people may feel things that they think are normal and ignore them. Other times, people may feel things that think are not normal, but are too afraid to tell them because of shame, fear, and/or embarrasement.
  • No matter the case, talk to someone about what you're going through. Wether they can help you or not, sometimes all you need is confirmation that someone hears you and they are listening to what you have to say.
Photo by Aziz Acharki