Haiku Deck Love

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Haiku Deck Love

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"It's the Instagram for pitch decks."

Dani Fankhauser, Mashable
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"@HaikuDeck: Your app is brilliant. Just brilliant."

Roel K., via Twitter

"Felt great and inspired giving a presentation on a tough topic."

Joni P., via email
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"If you have an iPad, I cannot recommend @HaikuDeck enough."

Eugene S., via Twitter
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"Haiku Deck makes creating beautiful presentations a cinch and a joy."

Melanie Pinola, Lifehacker
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"It took me minutes to do what I tried to do for hours on PowerPoint."

John James of Coldwell Banker, Guest Q&A

"Using it is fiendishly simple."

Kyle Vanhemert, Fast Company

"The app is awesome, guys! Great work!"

Walter D., via Facebook

"@HaikuDeck Thank you - you are awesome. I want to #HaikuDeck the world."

Evonne B., via Twitter
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"Haiku Deck has quickly become my favorite iPad app."

Chris Smith, Inman Next
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"I think I might be in love (or at least in serious, serious like)."

Cindy J., via Twitter
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"Tonight I'm curling up with @HaikuDeck and creating pure awesomeness."

Jason A., via Twitter
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"Haiku Deck makes beautiful slide shows in no time."

Katie Boehret, The Wall Street Journal
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"Insanely cool."

Lawrence Lessig, Creative Commons Founder
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"It has completely transformed the look and feel of my blog."

Travis J., app store review

"@HaikuDeck is now the only presentation format I intend to use."

Simon M., via Twitter
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"Great app, great concept. Everything is perfect. Love it."

Inoskov, app store review
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"I'm a convert. Never thought I could create something so good looking."

Noel D., via Twitter

"Just created my first presentation. Loved it - beautiful and intuitive."

Julie S., via Twitter

"#HaikuDeck or Prezi? Hmm... Let me think... #HaikuDeck!"

@Brainslides via Twitter
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"Thank you for such an elegant, simple communication tool!"

John R., via Twitter
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"Amazing! Great applications for classroom and student usage."

SJunkins, app store review
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"@HaikuDeck Love you guys! Keep up the awesome work!"

Ed D., via Twitter

"People think we have an in-house designer!"

Tze Chun of Uprise Art, Guest Q&A
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"@HaikuDeck - crushing on you guys big time! Two decks in two weeks."

Fred Real Estate via Twitter
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"Haiku Deck could raise the GDP."

Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal
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"Haiku Deck is one of my favs! Love the image based presentations!"

Ann F., via Twitter
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"The app dictates a change for tablet use, from consumption to creation."

Emma Hutchings, PSFK

"The amazing iPad app from Haiku Deck has really brought our book alive."

Mel Carson, Author of Pioneers of Digital
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"Beautiful, smart, clean, and dynamic. It ignites conversation in my class."

CGRAMA, app store review
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"The easiest-to-use presentation tool out there."

Robert Scoble
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"Really, it's just fun!"

Megan Hunt of Hello Holiday, Guest Q&A
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"Haiku Deck is so simple and natural it feels like a story, not a presentation."

Katherine K., via email
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"@HaikuDeck continue to be amazing, and we will continue to be amazed."

Paul H., via Twitter
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"@HaikuDeck is a sexy sexy app."

@innahamedia via Twitter
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"The world may be a better place if everyone used @HaikuDeck."

Kathleen T., via Twitter
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"I use @haikudeck and think its the best thing since pizza delivery."

@LaVieBoheme73, via Twitter
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