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Haiku Deck Guru

Published on Dec 15, 2015

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Haiku Deck

Why I Want to Be a Guru
Photo by VinothChandar


I teach middle school ELA in TExas
Photo by Doun Dounell

swinging nunchucks of knowledge at WGMS since 2006


I give ED Tech Presentations any chance I get
Photo by UrbanWanderer

I've been spreading the word

In trainings...

in TExas

Photo by Charles Henry

In aRkansas

in Kentucky

Photo by Thomas Hawk

on Twitter

Photo by shawncampbell

And at EdmodoCon 2014

Photo by ctkmcmillan

And at EdmodoCon 2014

Photo by ctkmcmillan

Which had 42,000 registrants

in 170 different countries
Photo by garryknight

Haiku Deck had me at hello

Photo by blentley

it's a game-changer

for presentations
Photo by Domiriel

I would love to be a part

of the better presentations movement
Photo by ahh.photo