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Haiku Deck & LI

ByMartin Smith|2066 views |Business

How Haiku Deck can improve emotional storytelling on your LinkedIn Profile with arresting visuals.

Presentation Outline

  1. haiku deck & li use haiku deck to spice up linkedin

    1. Haiku Deck & LI

    Use Haiku Deck To Spice Up LinkedIn

    This deck is about how to use a powerful new visual marketing tool called Haiku Deck to create a powerful personal brand on LinkedIn. This is a "do as I say, not as I am doing" lesson since my LI profile is far from where I want it to be. I'm only on about the 50 yard line with my profile, but there are examples of how to use Haiku Deck to punch up the visual presentation (when viewed by logged in members that is since I can't crack the non-logged in presentation).

  2. 2. Use Haiku Deck With LI

    • Find key ideas such as $30M in online sales.
    • Use Haiku Deck To match idea to an image.
    • Save as PRIVATE deck. 
    • Grab screen capture. 
    • Use LI upload feature, add to profile. 

    Haiku Deck is a visual marketing tool. Haiku Deck's ability to match images to the ideas we all market is powerful. Why not use that power for our "online resumes" on LinkedIn? If everything is different why are our resumes so much the same. Why do we pitch with logic when we know emotion is what makes the phone ring? This deck explores how to use a powerful new tool called Haiku Deck, an effective User Interface on the Creative Commons (so use of Haiku Deck's images won't get you sued).

    Photo by Thamer Al-Hassan

  3. key ideas find key achievements, use haiku deck to visualize.

    3. key ideas

    Find key achievements, use Haiku Deck to visualize.

    By matching a visual to a key accomplishment or idea about you a scanner, and we are all scanners now since reading has been corrupted by being online so much, can pick up and want to know more about. Don't give TOO much detail (as I currently do). Tease the CTA you want (people to call or email you for an interview). Our tendency when we want to sell something, especially ourselves, is to fill in all the blanks. Leaving some mystery, teasing accomplishments and discoveries, is a better tactic for getting interviews. Tease the story and create cliff hangers your readers MUST learn the resolution of by interviewing you. This is a "do as I say, not as I do" situation right now. Working on my LI profile to connect with emotions more, tease stories not overwhelm them and make the phone ring. Stay tuned.

    Photo by seanmcgrath

  4. visualize make ideas arresting & visual with haiku deck.

    4. visualize

    Make ideas arresting & visual with Haiku Deck. My profile has examples of literal and more abstract image connections.

    Photo by Skunkworks Photographic

  5. exciting define ideas broadly, use exciting images.

    5. exciting

    Define ideas broadly, use exciting images.

    I connected the $30M in online sales accomplishment to a pretty literal image because that is a BIG number so I didn't want to take anything away from it by using an image too abstract. I used more abstract images to connect writing for, being a "Scoopiteer" and Crowdfunde's founder. I left the Slideshare cover of Storytelling Is The New SEO but changed the pitch from explaining the deck to sharing what the deck has achieved.

    Photo by sorazu

  6. sell sell idea of you, connect to emotions.

    6. Sell

    Sell IDEA of YOU, connect to emotions.

    I've hired more than 100 people and resumes are only important in the beginning, but if you don't get through the first gate all other gates are moot. Since LinkedIn is the "resume" prospective employers will use finding ways to PUNCH IT UP is critical if only because it shows you can act and think differently than the herd. Thinking LIKE THE HERD isn't something most companies want, but too new freaks potential employers out too. Read the Heath brothers excellent Made To Stick to learn ways to lessen SHOCK OF THE NEW if you need too. Quick Tip: Sell NEW from something known like a piece of duct tape on a book's cover.

    Photo by kholkute

  7. love what you love should be seen, felt and known.

    7. love

    What You LOVE should be seen, felt and known.

    I LOVE Internet marketing. No one MAKES me "work" on the weekends. Somehow when you love what you do "work" isn't how you think of it. Make sure your LOVES come through on your LI profile. LOVE can be hard to describe, but you know it when you see it so Haiku Deck's images can help communicate your LOVES.

    Photo by Franck Mahon

  8. hero you are hero of your li profile...right?

    8. hero

    YOU are Hero of your LI Profile...right?

    If YOU aren't the hero of your own LI page who IS? Most people find it hard to discuss their life's achievements, a tendency it would be good to get over when creating your online resume. My profile isn't where I want it yet. Its too wordy and I'm not using the right words yet, but getting closer thanks to Haiku Deck.

    Photo by Charles Sporn

  9. upload share related images.

    9. upload

    Share related images.

    Go to "Edit Profile" in LinkdedIn and use the upload tool to add images to the sections you want.

    Photo by jamehand

  10. 10. Slide 10 My LinkedIn Profile with several visual examples from Haiku Deck.

  11. martin smith

    11. Martin Smith @ScentTrail GPlus