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Guide to the UFT 2022 Elections

Published on Jan 01, 2019

Originally published in 2019 and now revised for the 2022 UFT Election.

United for Change (UFC) is running against Unity in the 2022 UFT election. Check out this guide for some UFT Election FAQs.


2022 UFT Election Guide

United for Change

Who is in control of the UFT?

  • The leadership of the UFT consists of 12 officers who serve 3 year terms.
  • They can be found here: http://www.uft.org/who-we-are/leadership
  • They are all members of Unity Caucus.
  • They are referred to as the Administrative Committee, or AdCom.

What is Unity Caucus?

  • In the union, there are different groups which have different philosophies (caucuses)
  • Unity Caucus has been in control of the UFT since 1960.
  • Every 3 years there is a UFT election. Unity has won the majority of the elected positions.

Michael Mulgrew and Unity Caucus have been throwing members under the bus for decades!

When is the next UFT election?

  • The next UFT election will occur between April 8 (when ballots will be mailed to homes of UFT members) and May 10 (when the ballots will be counted).
  • You have 3-4 weeks to vote and mail your ballot in.

Who can vote in the UFT Election?

  • In School Staff: Teachers, Secretaries, Guidance Counselors, Social Workers, OT/PT Therapists, Paras
  • UFT members who work in District Offices and Unionized Charter Schools
  • Other functional chapters represented by the UFT, including nurses and childcare workers
  • Retirees

Who is running in the UFT election?

  • United for Change and Unity are the only two slates which have more than 40 candidates under their banners.
  • There might be other independents running.

How are votes cast and counted?

  • You will receive a paper ballot in the mail. Inside, there will be an envelope color-coded per your division and your secret ballot.
  • Follow the instructions on the envelope.
  • Check the UFC slate box only, and separate from the rest of the ballot before sending back.

What makes UFC different?

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