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Guide to the UFT 2019 Elections

Published on Jan 01, 2019

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Guide to the UFT 2019 Elections

By Lydia Howrilka, Officer Candidate, UFT Solidarity
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Hello there!
We would like to share with you some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the UFT and UFT elections!

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Who is in control of the UFT?

What is Unity Caucus?

  • In the union, there are different groups which have different philosophies (caucuses)
  • Unity Caucus has been in control of the UFT since 1960.
  • Every 3 years there is a UFT election. Unity has won the majority of the elected positions.

Michael Mulgrew and Unity Caucus have been throwing members under the bus for decades!

When is the next UFT election?

  • The next UFT election will occur between March 25 (when ballots will be mailed to homes of UFT members) and they will be counted on April 17.

Who can vote in the UFT Election?

  • In School Staff: Teachers, Secretaries, Guidance Counselors, Social Workers, OT/PT Therapists, Paras
  • Private and DOE Nurses
  • Childcare Workers
  • Other functional chapters represented by the UFT

How many caucuses are there?

  • Unity
  • New Action
  • Independent Community of Educators (ICE)
  • Movement of Rank and File Educators (MORE)
  • Solidarity

Will having 4 caucuses split the vote?

  • Retirees and many teachers have a history of supporting Unity. They are unaware of the issues of Unity.
  • Solidarity tried very hard over the Fall to build a coalition with New Action and MORE. ICE has not run in an election since 2010.
  • None of the other caucuses agreed to run with us.

Who else is running?

  • We are not sure yet because other caucuses have not yet revealed their officers.
  • New Action revealed their platform only.

How are votes cast and counted?

  • You will receive a paper ballot in the mail. Follow the instructions on the envelope.
  • Solidarity will be a Slate this election cycle. A simple X will be a vote for all Solidarity candidates.

What makes UFT Solidarity different?

If you have questions, please email us at info@uftsolidarity.org

If you are in need of immediate assistance (UFT Solidarity is assisted by VOLUNTEER teachers), please email us at help@uftsolidarity.org

Find us via social media at:

  • Facebook: UFT Solidarity
  • Instagram: uftsolidarity
  • Twitter: @UFTSolidarity
  • YouTube: UFT Solidarity
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