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Greatness Of Insects

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Camouflage is one of the most important adaptations for an insect because of its ability to hide from predators and not get eaten.

Mosquitos are one of the most adapted insects on earth. When they bite, they land on you while spitting out a pain killer to make the area they land on you can’t feel meaning the mosquito can use it’s straw like mouth and suck up all the blood through your blood vessels all without you noticing.

Another reason how insects are so successful is by the fact that they have very large populations meaning they can work in very large groups and work as a big team. Insects have also found ways to adapt to making hundreds of babies at once to increase the population by a lot.

For the last adaptation is flying some insects have developed flying to escape various predators and for quick travel from plant to plant.

Lastly, the hissing cockroach hisses to communicate with other cockroaches of its kind and there are also different types of hisses from this cockroach including, a hiss for mating, communication, and lastly is to show dominance.

What I found interesting is what we have learned about different adaptations and how different insects do tons of different things and have been able to survive all this time and were able to be so successful.

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