Grant Writing

Published on Sep 01, 2017

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Grant Writing

A Beginner's Guide 
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Some things we'll cover

  • What do you hope to learn?
  • Pillars of Grant Writing
  • Tips for improving your grant writing
  • Questions & Discussion
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Who am I?

Twitter & LinkedIn: @sararoachlewis
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Pillars of Grant Writing

Know Thyself, Relationships, Writing 

Know thyself

You, your team & your organization 
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Know Thyself

  • What is your skillset - do you need help?
  • Can your team execute the project you propose?
  • What is your mandate?

Do Well

Focus on getting paid for what you already 
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Funders, partners, and stakeholders 
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  • Talk to your funder - ask questions, for feedback, participate in info sessions
  • Understand why your partners are involved & what they need from the project.
  • Collaborations can be amazing!
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If you want to go far, go together."

"If you want to go fast, go alone. 
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The fun! The agony. 

Writing your Proposal

  • Read the application guide (several times)
  • Don't procrastinate!
  • Identify & approach potential partners early

Writing your proposal

  • Enlist a buddy
  • Get it clear in your own head (we all have our own process for this)
  • Make sure your budget aligns with your activities
  • Fully complete the application
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"Give me something I can say YES to."

~ funder whose name I can't remember!
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Thank You!

Please take time to fill out the evaluation form! 
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